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Whether you are a start up, or looking to incorporate an existing business, or need contracts for your transactions, we can help you and your business navigate the legal intricacies and stay on top of the latest law and trends.

Contracts, Start Ups, Corporations/LLCs, Commercial Enterprises


If you have been injured, don't fight the insurance companies or big corporations on your own.  Let us help you get the best settlement, or fight for you all the way to trial.  Behind on your bills or facing a lawsuit? Let us help you navigate your rights and options under the latest bankruptcy laws. Facing land use/zoning/permit issues/neighbor disputes for your residential or commercial real property? We can help you navigate all local ordinances and regulations, apply for variances or conditional use permits, and negotiate with the planning department.

Property Disputes, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy


Celebrate your upcoming nuptials while at the same time protecting your premarital assets through a customized prenuptial agreement. Or, if it is the unfortunate demise of your relationship that you are facing, we will hold your hand and guide you through the painful dissolution process.

Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships, Dissolutions



We can assist you with all of your late life planning needs, including estate planning, wills, trusts, trust management, conservatorships, elder abuse litigation, and probate court proceedings. We can also assist you with the transition to assisted living, vetting caregivers, and all other issues related to your health and wellbeing in your golden years.

Estate Planning, Management, Administration, Conservatorships, Elder Abuse Litigations

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